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What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is a pathological dependence on gambling that leads to harmful consequences such as financial and moral decline and social alienation.

Therapists attribute this addiction to non-chemical addictions. In 2018, the WHO added gambling addiction to the list of recognized diseases.

Causes of gambling addiction

Why do casino games become entertainment for some, but for others, they become a disease? Consistent with various studies, the reasons for gambling addiction are:

  • Psychodynamics: when a player enters a game cycle, he repeats it and cannot stop;
  • Social impact: passion for betting since childhood, betting-involved friends;
  • Cognitive dysfunction: an individual no longer controls their actions rationally;
  • Financial problems: desire to get rich quick.

Symptoms of addiction

Gambling addiction also has a huge influence on the friends and relatives of gamblers. Although such cases are difficult to deal with, responding appropriately when the addict needs support is crucial.

Here’s a list of gambling addiction symptoms recognized by experts:

  • Alienation of work colleagues, friends and family;
  • Narrowing the scope of interests: betting replaces hobbies;
  • Constantly wanting to bet;
  • Unable to stop the game, 
  • A constant increase in the recharge sum, and an irrational belief in luck;
  • The patient often promises to give up, but doesn’t.
  • Anxiety and panic attacks appear when the game is not available. These symptoms can develop into aggressive behavior.

How gamblers fight gambling addiction

Booksellers, including SatSport 247 India, offer some ways to avoid addiction:

  1. Information sections on responsible gaming.
  2. Options on an account, such as setting the limit for topping up money per day.
  3. Links to gambling addiction sites.
  4. Restriction on underage players.

How to avoid gambling addiction

It’s almost impossible to deal with compulsion independently. It’s better to do everything in advance so that gambling addiction doesn’t become your diagnosis. 

To play responsibly, follow these recommendations:

  • Set individual limits on time and money spent gambling. You can check the data in the “Betting History” section of the SatSport 247 India account. Using filters, find specific information about the frequency of bets and losses.
  • Don’t set yourself a target to win.
  • Consider the funds lost as a gambling fee.
  • Don’t borrow money to gamble.
  • Don’t bet just to make money;
  • Don’t rush into recovery recklessly. Stop!

Once you’ve spotted the first signs of addiction, feel free to ask relatives or specialists for help.

How can I understand that I’m addicted?

To help you determine whether you or your family member are dependent, check out our questionnaire:

  1. Do you ever think about gambling?
  2. Do you usually play with large sums?
  3. Do you feel uncomfortable when the game is over?
  4. Have your recent attempts to control playing time failed?
  5. Have you ever broken the law to get funds to pay off debts?
  6. Do you ever try to recover lost money? Do you borrow money?
  7. Are you honest with yourself and others about the time you spend gambling? Do you keep our hobby a secret?
  8. Have your family/work relationships deteriorated recently?

If you answered yes to all three questions, we strongly recommend that you contact the experts for professional help. 

Looking for help

Here is a list of international establishments you can contact for a consultation. Please note that all these establishments guarantee confidentiality.

  • Gamcare;
  • Be Gamble Aware;
  • Anonymous players;
  • GamBlock;
  • Gambling therapy.

Things to remember

  • The best way out is for the player to detect the first signs of addiction themselves. The earlier the problem is detected, the easier it will be to deal with.
  • Keep in mind: compulsive gambling, gambling and responsible gambling are interrelated phenomena. Finding a balance between them is the most significant thing for any gambler.