Terms and Conditions of SatSport 247 India

The SatSport 247 India Website (the “Web site”) and any associated or connected services (collectively, the “Service”) are offered to you subject to the Terms and Conditions described in the documents referenced and linked to below (the “Terms”).

Please read these Terms carefully, as they constitute a contract between us and you, our customer (the “Customer”). By creating an account (the “Account”) and using the Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms and any modifications that may be posted from time to time.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time, including the documents referenced or linked below. We may not notify you in advance if the change is not significant. 

If there are significant changes to the terms, you will be notified in advance and you may be required to reaffirm your agreement to the modified terms before the changes take effect. You must immediately stop using the service and the termination provisions below will take effect if you object to any such changes. 

Your willingness to be bound by such modifications is indicated by your continued use of the service. The pre-existing terms and conditions will apply to any wager that is not settled prior to the entry into force of the new terms and conditions.

Your responsibilities

In all cases of use of the Service, you agree to:

You may enter into a legally enforceable agreement with us if you are at least 18 years of age (or at least the age of majority as defined by the laws of the jurisdiction that applies to you).

It is your obligation to confirm and access this website only if you are in a nation where the use of the service for betting is legal (if in doubt, you should seek local legal advice). You are responsible for ensuring that your use of the service is legal.

You have the right to transmit money to us if you are the authorized user of the debit/credit card or other payment method you use, for example.

By using the Services and/or placing bets, you agree that you will never find yourself in a situation where you may have an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest..

You do not speak on behalf of anyone else or with any ulterior motive other than your own, as a private individual acting in your own right.

You could lose all or part of the money you deposited with us in compliance with these conditions when placing bets, and you would be entirely responsible for such a loss.

You may only use the service to place legal bets, and you may not attempt to manipulate any market or feature of the service in bad faith or in a manner that compromises the reputation or integrity of the service or ours.

When placing bets on the service, you must not use any information received in violation of the laws in force in the nation in which you were at the time of placing the bet.

In order to avoid liability that has been properly incurred, you must make all payments to us in good faith and refrain from attempting to have payments reversed or doing anything that would result in a third party reversing such payment.

Apart from that, you must always and for all bets placed through the service, act in good faith in reference to us.


By using the service, you acknowledge and agree that:

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, and without any obligation to provide a reason, to refuse to accept a registration application from any applicant in order to safeguard the integrity of the service or for other operational reasons.

You must personally complete the registration form and read and accept these terms and conditions before using the service. We will ask you to become a verified customer, which includes passing certain tests, before you can start using the site to gamble. You may be required to present a legitimate identity document, as well as any other documents you may be asked to provide.

A photo ID (such as a copy of your passport, driver’s license or national ID card) and, at a minimum, a recent utility bill showing your name and address serve as proof of residency. Until the necessary information is received, we reserve the right to stop betting or restrict options on any Account. 

You are required to submit accurate and complete information about yourself, including a legal first and last name, home address and e-mail address. You must also update this information as necessary to keep it accurate and complete. You are responsible for updating your account contact information. If you fail to do so, you may miss essential account-related messages and information from us, such as updates to these terms and conditions. 

Our customers are identified and contacted using their registered email address. It is the customer’s obligation to maintain an active and distinct email account and to provide us with the correct email address. To prevent unauthorized use of your registered email address by third parties, each Customer is solely responsible for maintaining its security. 

Customers whose email addresses cannot be located by SatSport 247 India will have their accounts suspended until we obtain them. If you knowingly provide fraudulent or inaccurate personal information, we will immediately suspend your Account and notify you in writing to that effect. 

You may only register one Account with the service. If you are found to have more than one Account registered with us, such Accounts may be closed immediately. This includes the use of agents, family members, friends, colleagues, affiliates, related persons, related parties and/or third parties acting on your behalf.

We reserve the right to use any third party sources of information that we deem essential to verify your creditworthiness and validate your identification.

Your password for the service must be kept private. We are entitled to assume that you have placed bets, deposits and withdrawals if you have correctly provided the requested information about your account. We advise you to change your password regularly and never share it with anyone. 

In the event that your registered e-mail address has been compromised, you should contact us. However, we may ask you for additional information or evidence to confirm your identity. As soon as we become aware of such an incident, we will immediately suspend your Account. In the meantime, whether or not you have authorized a third party to access your Account, you remain responsible for any activity that occurs on your Account.

We are not required to justify our refusal to open an account for you if we decide not to do so. The decision whether or not to open an account for you is at our sole discretion.

Your account

If you do not comply with these Terms, or if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you do not comply with these Terms, we may close or suspend an Account and refund any funds that have been saved. We may not always be able to notify you in advance.

We reserve the right to close a customer’s account immediately and refund all monies. However, claims already due under contracts will be honored.

Any wager may be rejected, restricted, canceled or limited at any time and for any reason, including any wager that appears to have been placed dishonestly in an effort to circumvent our wagering limits and/or system rules.

We reserve the right to cancel and/or void any of your bets if we close or suspend your account as a result of a violation of these conditions.

If money is mistakenly credited to your account, it will still belong to us. If this happens, we will notify you and remove the money from your account.

If your account becomes overdrawn for any reason, you will owe us the overdrawn amount.

Any problems with your account should be reported immediately.

Users have the option to self-exclude themselves from SatSport 247 India. These inquiries should be made to our helpdesk from the customer’s registered email address.

Your Account may not be assigned, sold or pledged to any third party. The transfer of assets of value of any kind, including but not limited to account ownership, earnings, deposits, wagers, rights and/or claims related to these assets, whether in a legal, business or other context, is prohibited.

Deposit of funds

You may deposit money into your account in any of the ways indicated on our website. All deposits must be made in the same currency as your account, and any deposits made in any other currency will be converted using the current exchange rate determined by our own bank.

Credit and debit card deposits are processed by third party electronic payment processors and not directly by SatSport 247 India, as we are not a banking institution. Your account will only be credited if we obtain an approval and authorization code from the payment issuer when you make a credit or debit card deposit. 

Depending on the currency of your account, your money is deposited and held in the corresponding client account.

Since we are not a financial institution, interest earned on customer accounts will be credited to us and not to you on the outstanding balances of the accounts.

Withdrawal of funds

In accordance with the maximum transaction limits listed on the website, you may withdraw part or all of your account balance.

Unless we specify otherwise, all withdrawals must be made in the currency of your account.

Before authorizing any withdrawal from your Account, we reserve the right to require proof of your identity. Throughout your relationship with us, we also reserve the right to request these documents from you.

All withdrawals must be made with the same debit or credit card, bank account or other payment method that was initially used to fund your SatSport 247 India account. We may, and always at our own discretion, allow you to withdraw to a different payment method than the one used to make your initial deposit. Additional security checks will always be performed in this regard.

If your account is inaccessible, inactive, locked or closed but you need to withdraw money, please email our customer service department.